VINTAGE 12" Bear by Maudie Ohiktook *Pillar of Strength* CURATOR'S CHOICE

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Maudie Ohiktook

$2,840.00 CAD

 Inuit Art: Bear 
Artist: Maudie Ohiktook (1944-2022)
Dimensions: 12" across, 9" high, 5" wide
Community: Taloyoak, NU 7/23
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-52-19959fhjy

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Contemporary of Celebrated Artist Karoo Ashevak!


Maudie's distinctive carvings of spirits, shamans and transformations earned her the reputation of one of THE MOST SIGNIFICANT women sculptors of her generation.

Her shaman figures often have two long fangs or tusks.
Maudie is one of a few women sculptors from Netsilik to reach a level of distinction carvings of the spirit world and for this reason, Pillar of Strength is a CURATOR'S CHOICE.

Masterpiece Carving! Museum quality Sculpture!

Pillar of Strength is an extraordinary depiction of a bear.

Neither Realistic or Abstract, Maudie's figures were frequently born in the realm of the Supernatural and Shamanism.

At first glance, Pillar has the expected features of an Inuit carving; the large powerful torso, the massive head with realistic facial features.

BUT THEN. . . 

Maudie has placed large fangs on Pillar to indicate that this creature is a Shaman, figures that were intimately connected to the natural world who communed with land and sea animals.

Maudie's sculptures are often caught in the middle of a transformation.

As Pillar drapes himself over a large rock, is he beginning his change into another creature?

This is no ordinary bear sculpture.

His face is mesmerizing.

The small white inlaid eyes stare into the distance as he stops to rest and plan his next steps.

The perfect black stone creates drama and allows the viewer to focus on the curves and angles of this stunning piece of art.

I am always searching for THAT carving; the one that will be the most spell binding and inspiring.

Pillar of Strength has me hooked!

In this piece, Maudie has shown us her innovative passion and talent for her craft.

The result of her drive is this magnificent sculpture.


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