12" 2 Way Dancing Bear Ottokie Samayualie *Floating On a Cloud*

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Ottokie Samayualie

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Inuit art: Two Way Dancing Bear       
Inuit Artist: Ottokie Samayualie
Size: 12" across (10" vertical), 8" wide, 7" deep. 12 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 21
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-225-1269251bdjjy

**This Item is Eligible for our Layaway Plan.

Note** Dancing bears are extremely difficult to carve. The bear must be able to stand on one foot, eith foot, (2 way), one front paw and two feet (3 way) and the ultimate 4 way bear. The 4 way bear can stand on either of its front paws or feet.
Ottokie is a Master carver of dancing bears. I am so inspired by the artists who have the ability to achieve this feat of engineering!

Masterpiece Sculpture! Museum quality Carving!
I love this bear! 

Spinning, swaying,..... lost in the moment. 

Carefree, floating on a Cloud.

Wouldn't you love to share in this kind of bliss?

Samayualie has carved a state of "rapture" in this enchanting Dancing bear.

Floating on a Cloud is particularly magical. 

His medium green and yellow colours are intense and lively. 

His dance is wild and wanton!

Ottokie's bears set the standard for the perfect Dancing bear.

See our May 30, 2021 blog Spotlight on the Dancing Bear.


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