11" Transformation Spirit by Frank Ullulaq Gjoa Haven "Jaws"

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Frank Ullulaq

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Inuit art Transformation
Inuit Artist: Frank Ullulaq
Size: 11" long, 4.5" high, 4" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 21
Stone: Serpentinite & Caribou Teeth
id: c-094

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Frank Ullulaq is a master carver from Gjoa Haven who produces some of the most intriguing and quirky carvings.

Many of the Gjoa Haven transformation carvings are somewhat abstract and far from realistic.

Sometimes you can identify a head and a mouth.  But then, where you would expect to see a leg or a paw is suddenly a tail or a projection of some sort.

I often see an alien from another universe in these transformations.  

They have a charming magnetism.

"Jaws" is particularly attractive because its back is bedazzled with a brilliant array of orange and yellow tones, If you take a good look, you can see the small sharp teeth in the open mouth.

This is unexpected and thought provoking.  

Maybe this piece is stransforming into a reptile? The teeth could be the fangs of a snake.

Adding this Ullulaq carving to your collection would be perhaps a bit controversial. 

Not all art lovers like to to be challenged.  They prefer a sculpture that is realistic, not abstract.

Could you see this curious carving in your collection?

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