11" Muskox by Louis Arnaryuinnaq *Coat of Many Colours*

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Louis Arnaryuinnaq

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Inuit art: Muskox
Inuit Artist: Louis Arnaryuinnaq
Size: 11" long, 7" high, 5" deep. 12 lbs
Community: Baker Lake, NU 21
Stone: Limestone
id: ndc-68-212150dhjy

Baker's Lake is home to many famous Inuit carvers like George Tatanniq and Barnabus Arnasungaaq.

The carving style is often more "primitive" than most of the Arctic regions. The stone is left close to the stone's original form and is left unpolished. 

I love the simplicity of this piece. 

The caramel colour scattered over the grey basalt stone is captivating. This pattern of colour is not commonly seen.

Most muskoxen are intricately carved, hair by hair, curved horn by curved horn.

BUT in Baker's Lake, the facial features are scratched into the stone and lack realism.

The muskox's coat hangs like vertical curtains instead of hair and the horn piece is more implied instead of being the crowning glory of the sculpture.

I love this carving style. It is raw, simple and stunning. 

We have another "primitive" style sculpture from Baker's Lake. 

See Angela Iqulik's Mother and Child.

This is a first generation style carving that is timeless.


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