11" Shaman Mask by Billy Merkosak *Shy Grin*

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Billy Merkosak

$1,880.00 CAD

Inuit art: Shaman Mask
Inuit Artist: Billy Merkosak
Size: 11" high, 7" wide, 3" deep
Community: Pond Inlet, NU 21
Stone: Whale Bone & Caribou bone

** This item is Eligible for our 0% Interest Layaway Plan

Masterpiece Sculpture!  Museum quality Bone Carving!

U.S. buyers cannot purchase this piece due to whale bone restrictions from Canadian Government Customs.  We ship only to a Canadian address.

Billy Merkosak is one of my favourite Inuit carvers.

He never fails to meet my expectations.

Case in point.....this stunning Shaman mask.

Did you know that the word "shaman" means literally "one who knows".

An Inuit shaman acts as a religious leader or healer and possesses  mysterious, powerful and sometimes superhuman abilities. 

Sometimes, Inuit Shamans act as an intermediary between the natural and supernatural world. 

Do you see the thoughtfulness on our Shaman's face? 

He looks directly into our eyes.  His gaze never wavers.  Billy has bestowed a shy grin onto the carving.  Did we say something amusing? Or silly?

Shaman listens to us with intent.  He is about to quietly share his enlightened ideas with us.

And isn't that what we desire?  Someone to listen to us? Someone to understand?

He would be your eternal companion and advisor.


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