11" Dark Muskox by Joamie Aipeelee (1963 - 2020)

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Joamie Aipeelee

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Inuit art: Muskox        
Inuit Artist: Jomie Aipeelee
Size: 12" long, 7" tall, 3" wide, 14 lbs
Community: Iqaluit, NU
Stone: serpentine
id: ndc-208-268959bjjjy


Sadly, One of Inuit Arts prominent figures has recently left us and passed away. Jomie's muskox and hares were masterpieces cherished by Inuit art collectors alike.

The gallery has received some of his very last works before passing away. They will go fast, so if it was ever on your list to own one of his celebrated muskox, now is the time.

It is with great pride that I present these four magnificent muskoxen that came to the gallery very recently.

My clients are thoroughly infatuated with muskoxen. There are never enough of them it seems.

I have a long waiting list of collectors anxious to add a muskox to their collection from notable carvers which includes Joamie Ipeelee.

When I acquired these four Joamie muskox sculptures I was elated!

Joamie belongs to the renowned Ipeelee family of Inuit artists. His father carved superlative muskoxen and trained Joamie to carve in a similar manner.

Joamie’s muskox sculptures are not large or overpowering. Instead they are reminiscent of the beast itself....impressive and strong with a gentle soul.

Last week (Sept 10) I received shockingly sad news. My friend Joamie had passed away in an accident.

I knew Joamie well. For many years, he was the head of our Restoration division. He was a talented artist who loved to restore life and beauty to damaged carvings. He was sweet natured and always a gentleman.

I admired his art and his skill. I am still in disbelief that he is suddenly gone.

At this time, there are very few Joamie Ipeelee carvings available to collectors.

His reputation as a skilled and admired carver is on the same level as his peers Ashevak Tunnillie and Johnny Ragee.

Joamie’s creativity and his carving skill was infallible.
You can see his admiration and love for the animal in everyone of his sculptures.

His carvings will quickly disappear into the collections of the devotees of Joamie and his coveted muskoxen.

These pieces of Joamie’s art will be valuable treasures as they bring joy and happiness to their owners.

I had high esteem for Joamie Ipeelee.

His absence will be felt for a long time.


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