11" SIGNATURE Hawk by Killiktee Killiktee *The Ripper*

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Killiktee Killiktee

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Inuit art: Standing Hawk 
Inuit Artist: Killiktee Killiktee
Size: 9" across (8" vertical), ­­5" wide, 4" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 5/22
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-229-1269446abjjy

**Killiktee Killiktee SIGNATURE Hawk carving

Masterpiece Sculpture!  Museum quality Carving!                   

This is another one of Killiktee's amazing  hawks.

It is a masterpiece that could one day be seen in an art museum.

Killiktee has taken all his knowledge of the hawk and transformed it into this stunning carving. The neon apple green colour stone dappled with yellow and black is magnificent.

Look closely at the face of this dangerous raptor!

The eyes are outlined in black.  Even the nostrils are highlighted in black.  The effect is a savage looking hunting bird.  

This is a bird that can rip its prey apart with its sharp beak and talons with ease.

The energy in this sculpture is palpable.

Killiktee has positioned the bird with spread wings and hunched over with his head down and tilted.

This hawk is ready for take off. 


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