10" Swimming Seal by Emataluk Saggiak

Emataluk Saggiak

$1,965.00 CAD

Inuit art: Diving Seal
Inuit Artist: Emataluk Saggiak
Size: 10" across (8" horizontal), 4.5" wide, 5.5" tall
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-6134Nafjjy

Igloo Tag license number: #15 - Inuit Gifts

This mischievous swimming seal pup by Emataluk Saggiak is part of a series of velvet black green serpentine pieces originating from Cape Dorset.

Saggiak recently presented the gallery with a frolicsome diving seal (pg 4 of New Arrivals). That piece is carved from a brilliant white marble. 

Imagine the pair of these seals in your collection. One black. One white. Ying and Yang.

There are two highlights of this piece.

First, is the stunning black green stone peppered with delicate white veins. It mimics the deep dank depths of the Arctic seas and emphasizes the silhouette of the seal.

Second, is the innocent bearing of the pup.  I see her frolicking in her frigid Arctic playground, guiding her sleek form through the water like a torpedo. Her foreflippers are placed in a position which directs the water to stream over them without resistance. 

Arctic seals are swift and graceful swimmers. They move their hind flippers side-to-side to propel themselves forward. 

This pup has her webbed hind flippers clasped together so she is perfectly streamlined cutting through the water like a knife.

How can you resist the childlike face of a seal pup? Or her chubby roly poly body?

This carving is caress-able and quirky.  Seals are adored by many and are a reliable and spirited gift.

This carving is signed on the bottom by the artist and comes with the Igloo Tag of Authenticity.  Our gallery has been selected to be part of the Tag program which is an initiative of the Federal government of Canada. 


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