10" SIGNATURE Walking Bear by Tim Pee "Pretty in Pink*

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Tim Pee

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Inuit Art: Walking Bear
Inuit Artist: Tim (Timothy) Pee
Size: 9.5” long, 5” high, 3” wide
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 02/24
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-6989Rafjjy

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**Tim Pee SIGNATURE Walking bear carving

Masterpiece Sculpture! Magnificent Movement!

Tim Pee shares the same level of fame as famous bear artists Henry Evaluardjuk whose name is synonymous with the Perfect Walking bear.

Tim's Walking bears are usually sleek, slim and striding.

Their heads are small and their muzzles more pointed. 

Tim's faces are exceptionally beautiful.

When you gaze upon that face, you fall in love.

Pretty in Pink has an added gift.

Her hind end is speckled with a luxurious pink colour.

Pink accents in stone is quite rare.

And the pink suggests that perhaps this gorgeous creature is a female bear on her way home to her cubs.

She is large, round and powerful.

Full of confidence.

Pretty in Pink is an exquisite example of Tim's SIGNATURE Walking bears.

She would be a rare gift to someone you love.

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