10" SIGNATURE Owl by Elite Carver Manasie Akpaliapik *Sunny*

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Manasie Akpaliapik

$7,880.00 CAD

Inuit Art: Owl
Inuit Artist: Manasie Akpaliapik
Size: 10" tall, 7" wide, 6" deep, Weight: 14.6 lbs
Community: Arctic Bay, NU 112/23
Stone: Marble
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** Manasie Akpaliapik SIGNATURE Owl carving

Masterpiece Sculpture!  Museum quality Piece!

Inuit art collectors are very familiar with Elite Master Carver Manasie Akpaliapik and his famous Owls.

Manasie created this original inlaid yellow eye with a large black pupil and outlined in black!

This eye has made Manasie famous.  It requires patience and talent to carve and it is THE most realistic eye in the Inuit art world in my opinion.

Traditionally, Manasie uses a gorgeous white alabaster stone to carve his quintessential Arctic snowy owls.

But, Sunny is a stunning pale pastel tawny yellow. Manasie has never used this colour for his owls.  Why?

Most Inuit carvers use the stone that is available in their region of the Arctic.

But, there are opportunities for artists o acquire unique stones with different colours and textures. 

When this happens, the carvings take on new life.

Sunny is such a piece, carved by an international superstar using a unique stone!  

You can see small fcaramel coloured reckles in the stone.

The freckles emphasizes Sunny's realistic look.

This enchanting owl sits pensively, wings held close to his body, conserving his warmth.

His magnificent eyes are focused  on something in the distance.

Sunny grips the rock with his sharp black talons.

With one swipe of his foot, he could kill a small prey.

So beautiful yet so dangerous.

The sculptures of all the Master Carvers are investment pieces.

Sunny would be a loving addition to your estate for your children or friends. 

Manasie's owls are soulful, stunning and the work of an internationally respected Elite Master Inuit Carver.


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