10" Shaman Face by Charlie Ookpik Gjoa Haven *Outlander*

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Charlie Ookpik

$1,380.00 CAD

Inuit art: Shaman Face
Inuit Artist: Charlie Ookpik
Size: 9.5" high, 5" wide, 3.5" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU 21
Stone: Serpentinite
id: c-132

**This Item is Eligible for Our 0% Interest Layaway Plan.

I was so struck by this Ookpik sculpture!

His carvings are exotic and exciting!

They challenge our expectations and ask us to invest some time into exploring the piece.

Is it fair to say that Ookpik is influenced by African tribal design?

The large flat nose with flared nostrils, the decorative scars on the cheeks and around the mouth .... to me these suggest a tribe outside of Canada's Far North.

I love the "teeth" protruding from the corners of the mouth.

Or, perhaps this is a shaman in the act of transforming into an animal BUT I think not.

What do you see in this marvellous sculpture?

The Gjoa Haven artists are like no other carvers in the North.  Their style is so readily identifiable.  It is humourous, innovative and rich in spirit.

This tantalizing sculpture will become the curiousity in your collection, 

See our notes on The Gjoa Haven Collection.


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