10" Playful Walrus by World Famous Bobby Anavilok

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Bobby Anavilok

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Inuit art: Walrus
Inuit Artist: Bobby Anivolok
Size: 10" long, 8" high, 5" wide. Weight: 12 lbs
Community: Kugluktuk, NU
Stone: Dolomite
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In this intriguing and ambitious work, Anavilok brilliantly fuses texture and form. He proves that texture is not only decoration or a “realistic detail”. Instead, texture when applied wisely, becomes an integral structural element of the form.

The smooth strong texture of the walrus’ hide is magical. Somehow it is able to unmask and show case the barely perceptible underlying musculature. A walrus is a large bulky animal with considerable girth but Anavilok’s Walrus is fluid and playful. Its tusks are exquisite. 

The allure of this masterpiece is its realism. This is a sculpture of a real walrus in its natural environment.

I truly admire carvings from distant Northern communities like Cambridge Bay. These carvings are unique and original, not at all like other Inuit carvings. These artists strive to carve in a traditional manner depicting the real animal in its natural setting.

Walrus is clearly unique and carved in a traditional Inuit fashion.

Its beauty is exemplary.  I did not hesitate a moment in acquiring this piece for my clients.

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