10” SIGNATURE Owl by Manasie Akpaliapik *Ookpik*

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Manasie Akpaliapik

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Inuit art: Owl
Inuit Artist: Manasie Akpaliapik
Size: 10" across (Beak to Tail), 6" wide, 8" deep
Community: Arctic Bay, NU 21
Stone: Marble
id: d-88403ebjjy

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** Manasie Akpaliapik SIGNATURE Owl carving

asterpiece Sculpture!  Museum quality Piece!

NOTE** The perfect roundness and symmetry of this owl cannot be duplicated. To achieve such beautiful proportions, the stone has to be perfectly in sync with Manasie's masterful skills.

Also, Manasie recently acquired this stone which is one of the purest, whitest marble that he has ever used. The pristine white colour honours the Arctic Snowy owl.

Manasie's owl exudes peace and serenity. Manasie's owls have an international presence.  Each bird features his signature carving style. 

It has taken almost fifty years of dedication to this craft for Manasie to earn his international reputation. 

Manasie isn't just an Elite Inuit carver, he is one of only a few Premier Inuit Master Carvers.   You can search Google for an extensive list of Manasie's accolades.

Provenance October 4, 2018
I spoke to Manasie and he told me that he is improving the technique he uses to create inlayed eyes.

Instead of using one stone for the inlay, he is now able to use overlapping stones which creates a black border around the eye. Although this is more difficult to achieve,the eye has more depth and complexity. This owl is the first piece in which he has used this process.

This particular 10" beauty is an average size for one of Manasie's owls.  I have seen them as large as 15".

Each bird sports a fierce set of black talons, the famous inset eyes and the all important sitting posture with tucked wings.  The eyes really are the portal to the soul of this sculpture.  They bring life and wisdom to the bird.

Each owl is a realistic representation of this majestic and powerful raptor.

If you are an enthusiastic and serious collector of Inuit carvings, you MUST have one of Akpaliapik's birds in your collection.

Additionally, because of Manasie's well deserved celebrity and his incredible talent, this Master work Owl is a guaranteed investment piece. You will never regret this financial and emotional investment.

When will you become the steward of this incredibly beautiful superstar owl? 

It will bring you everlasting joy.

See our January 27, 2019 blog Manasie Akapaliapik Exhibition - This Weekend.


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