10" Cuddly Harp Seal by Sammy Kolola

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Sammy Kolola

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Inuit Art: Seal
Inuit Artist: Sammy Kolola
Dimensions: 10" long, 4.5" high, 3" wide
Community: Kimmirut, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: caps-836018876cejy

Kolola’s sunny seal stole my heart.

The Arctic seal (usually a Harp seal) is certainly one of the most popular subjects in Inuit carving.

The Harp seal pups are born with a white fluffy coat which they lose after three weeks. We are drawn to their innocent and happy countenance. Who can resist the “cuddliness” of a seal pup?

Seals are sociable animals that enjoy the company of other seals. When we think of the Arctic mammals, most people imagine either a polar bear or many seals cuddled together on the ice.

This particular carving is a joyous depiction of our beloved seal. The brilliant lime colour stone is almost fluorescent. It is high energy. But what really draws me to this carving is its abstract style. The demeanour of the piece is modern and upscale.

The lines of the piece are soft and gentle. The curvature is profound and powerful.

This is NOT your average seal carving. This is a sculpture with a magnetic personality!

What a special gift this piece would be especially to the “art connoisseur “ in your life.


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