10" Hawk by Harrison Miklahook Jr. *Hawk Eye*

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Harrison Miklahook Jr

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Inuit art: Hawk
Inuit Artist: Harrison Miklahook Jr
Size: 10" high, 3" horizontal, 2" deep
Community: Nome, Alaska 5/22
Material: Caribou Bone
id: d-6637ajjjy

Masterpiece Carving! Magnificent Movement!

Harrison Jr. Miklahook is a well respected carver from Alaska.

Harrison uses whale bone, baleen, and muskox horn to carve his magnificent  sculptures.

(Baleen are strips of fibrous tissue that filter food like teeth).

I was immediately smitten by this hawk.

He is so realistic looking he looks like his eyes will blink and he'll turn his head toward you 

Harrison is a meticulous carver.  Look at the detail on the feathers.

The back feathers are different than the head feathers, which are different than the feathers on the wings.

But it is the head of this magnificent raptor with its glowing eyes and perfect beak that draws me to this piece.    

Proud, inquisitive and majestic.  As all hawks should be.


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