10" Mischievous Face by George Emikotalluk *Sassy*

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George Emikotalluk

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Inuit art: Face
Inuit Artist: George Emikotalluk
Size: 10" tall, 5" wide, 2" deep
Community: Sanikiluaq, NU 6/22
Stone: Argillite
id: ndc-SAN1548abjy

This is not your ordinary Inuit carving!

Emikotalluk pushes the envelope with this "cheeky" visage of a man who is has his tongue stuck out, perhaps just tasting the snow flakes!

Depending on the context, in Western culture, this gesture has mixed meanings.

It can mean teasing, flirting, disliking, being silly, angry, rude or rebellious.

But in Tibet, sticking out your tongue is a greeting and a sign of respect.

In the world of entertainment, the Rolling Stones and KISS made the gesture a teenage icon.

It was a sign of social rebellion, and disobedience.  Always risque.

But did you know that Albert Einstein stuck his tongue out as his trademark.

"Sticking out my tongue reflects my political views" Albert Einstein 1951

Can you imagine the talking points this sculpture would invite if it were in your collection?

The piece has a modern flair and a sassy countenance.

Sassy is an outstanding example of sculpture from Sanikiluaq.

Its lines are exquisite and the deep black stone is breathtaking.


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