10" Dancing Bear by Palaya Qiatsuq *Ballroom Blitz*

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Palaya Qiatsuq

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear     
Inuit Artist: Palaya Qiatsuq
Size: 9.5" tall, 7­­­­" wide, 7 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 21
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-6057PahjjyC

Definition of Dancing bears - bears that can stand or dance on one foot, two feet, two feet and one front paw OR all four paws!

Why do these bears dance? 

The animals are thought to be able to perform human feats, like lifting up a foot to dance or to kick.

What do you love about dancing bears?

I love how Palaya points Ballroom Blitz's muzzle straight to heaven.  

This posture expresses reverence, and devotion.

I love his body posture. 

From a practical point of view, the arms provide balance to the piece but esthetically, our bear's arms are held as if the bear is a ballroom dancer, waiting for his partner to dance into his arms.

Although Palaya is famous for his dancing owls, Ballroom Blitz is spectacular.

The slash of red triggers generates interest as it traverses the bear's flank.

This is a beautiful composition of a dancing bear by world renowned artist Palaya Qiatsuq. 


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