10" Dragon Fly Critter by Kelly Etidloie

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Kelly Etidloie

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Inuit art: Dragon Fly Critter
Inuit Artist: Kelly Etidloie
Size: 10" long, 5" wide. 6.5" tall, 5 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine, Caribou Bone
id: dfa-6848Nagjjy

Masterpiece Carving!

The most populous species in the Arctic is not the bear, nor the walrus ..... it is the fly, bar none. Once the snow thaws , these  insects are EVERYWHERE. There are so many of them, that people and animals are often driven insane.

I was captivated by the alien like qualities of this piece. The deep colours of the stone mimic the deep blue green colour of the house fly.  Etidloie’s sculpture possesses an extraordinary post modern bohemian feel that is at home in a high rise condo in Toronto or in Tribeca, New York.

You know what I love about Inuit Art? Just when I think I have seen the most astonishing piece of my life... I am astonished and ever so grateful to stumble upon an even more spectacular piece.  Just like this carving!

This fly by Kelly Etidloie, satisfies my heroin-like addiction to Inuit art.  I’m always looking for the next best carving.

For these reasons alone, I am putting this piece into the masterpiece category.  I was so lucky to stumble upon it.


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