10" Bird Man by Kupapik Ningeocheak *Inspired by Supercarver Tiktak*

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Kupapik Ningeocheak

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Inuit art: Bird Man
Inuit Artist: Kupapik Ningeocheak
Size: 11" across (9.5" vertical), 6.5" wide, 5" deep
Community: Salliq, NU
Stone: Basalt
id: caps-8C029706hejy

This is Minimalism.

George Arlook, John Tiktak....these respected Inuit artists are minimalists. They are admired for their representations of the human form and face. 

George Arlook's Sedna Spirit.

Tiktak's organic shapes and hollow openings have led to comparisons with the sculptures of Henry Moore.

I love this style.  I am drawn like a magnet to minimalist carvings.

Kupapik's "Birdman" has all the characteristics of minimalist form.

The sculpture is formed from hard grey stone (abundant in Rankin Inlet).

The piece is understated. The body parts are merely suggested. Only the facial features are precise. The eyes are vacant, the mouth a hollow opening and the lips are exaggerated.

This is the influence of Tiktak.

Kupapik's carvings are stoic and exciting. You must put one in your collection.


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