AppraisalHaving your artwork appraised will authenticate the value of your piece. We are a Canadian certified Inuit art gallery, and have an established criteria to follow when appraising a piece of Inuit art.

Included in our package is:
- Signed Letter of appraisal
- Estimated value of the piece
- Biography of the artist
- Certified Igloo Tag 
- List of exhibitions (if they participated)


We will also give you a list of authorized Inuit Art venues who can help you sell your piece once it is appraised.

With a letter of appraisal, you can be sure to maximize the value of your piece as opposed to just hearsay. Our price is 340 CAD. To proceed with having an appraisal done, simple click on this link below where you can checkout.






Once this step is complete, send us your info or contact us at or 1 800 457-8110, for more details.