24" Rare Open Mouth Polar Bear Head by Paul Malliki *Growler* CURATOR'S CHOICE

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Paul Malliki

$24,880.00 CAD

Inuit art: Polar BearI
Inuit Artist: Paul Malliki 
Size: 24" across (22" horizontal), 7" high, 8" wide, 30 lbs
Community: Repulse Bay, NU 2/24
Stone: Marble (sparkly snow white)
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 Masterpiece Carving!  Museum Calibre Sculpture!


Paul has taken the exact measurements of a Polar bear's body from a bear that died of natural causes.
He then carves every detail into his Polar bears sculptures!

Growler took him over 6 months to carve!!!

Paul is the only Inuit carver I can remember that creates these rare open mouth Polar bears.

They are so stunning, you would swear the teeth are real teeth.

Indeed, you would swear this is a real Polar bear head because of its accurate proportions and the meticulous detail for which Paul is renowned throughout the world.

We are incredibly lucky to have these Elite Master Carvers like Paul Malliki creating these Masterpiece carvings.

These artists are few.  They have been carving for at least 50 years and each artist has his SIGNATURE pieces.

But, as time marches on, our older Master Carvers are able to carve fewer pieces per year..

Don't let this opportunity to have Growler in your collection.

Time is of the essence.

Why is Paul Malliki so revered as an Inuit carver?

The detail Paul carves into his pieces makes them the MOST realistic sculptures in all of Inuit art.

That is a grand statement but true.

Paul carves each individual hair.

To say he is obsessed with perfection is an understatement.

The black colour he selects for the nose, the mouth, the eyes etc is dark and rich.

The posture of the creature is always breathtaking.

In my opinion, there isn't a single feature of a Malliki piece that could be improved upon.

These sculptures are so outstanding that any time I see a Malliki piece for sale, I buy it so I can make these incredible pieces of Canadian and Inuit art available to my clients.

Growler speaks for ALL Malliki carvings.

Could you see him in your life everyday, waiting to inspire you?


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