14" Arctic Fox by Kuzy Curley *Snoop*

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Kuzy Curley

$3,680.00 CAD

Inuit art: Arctic Fox
Inuit Artist: Kuzy Curley
Size: 14" long, 6" wide, 94­­­" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 20
Stone: Alabaster
id: d-8893bjjjjy

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Masterpiece Carving! Museum quality Sculpture!

Kuzy Curley presents us with a divine rendition of an Arctic fox.

Snoop has panache.

His small black eyes and nose reflect his curious personality.

This animal is self assured. He knows where he belongs in the world.

He is both a fierce hunter and a stealthy warrior moving forward in pursuit of his prey.

Each foot is placed carefully and quietly so as not to arouse attention.

A fox usually keeps his head down at the same level as his back and raises it only when he alerts. 

This carving will bring you joy and inspiration for years. 

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