Covid Collection

This is an unprecedented turn of events for

As our world is being reshaped by the Covid 19 virus, I have been given
an extraordinary opportunity. An opportunity that I wish to pass on to you. 

Right now, our Inuit people are facing great threats to their health and great threats to their ability to make an income.  All Canadians understand the implication of this global pandemic.
Kooyoo Peter

For those of us who love and support Inuit art, you should know that for many weeks the government agencies who purchase the Inuit art, have been closed. The Inuit artists rely on these agencies for a reliable income.  They must now try to contact curators in the South directly.  It can be extremely difficult for an artist from a remote area to administrate the procedures required to send a sculpture to the South.  Many of our Master carvers are in the age group most at risk from Covid and should be limiting their travel.

I have had many phone calls from artists desperate to get their art to market so they can keep their families fed and safe.

I expect that many collectors may not be aware of this chain of supply when it comes to Inuit carvings and prints.

I have had several communications with my friends in the Far North and from several artists offering to supply my gallery with carvings.

In order to allow my clients an opportunity to support the artists during this unprecedented event, I will list and display the carvings I receive from the artists during this time under the heading “Covid Collection”.

My first arrivals are from Cape Dorset. 

Still locked within the surreal environment of Covid 19, most of the Inuit artists have shuttered their businesses so they may focus on the care of their families.

Master Carver Kooyoo Peter has just released two outstanding Dancing Bears which he has carved during this global upheaval. We are adding them to our “Covid Collection”. We began this collection one month ago with Toonoo Sharkey’s seven enchanting carvings also created during the Covid crisis.

This is a special bear and the provenance behind it is a rarity. Each carving in the Covid Collection will be accompanied by a unique provenance describing the circumstances surrounding the creation of this beautiful piece. At the same time, the collector will know that they were able to support the Inuit during these challenging times when the carvers’ usual supply chain is closed.