6" Transformation Spirit by Clayton Kekneck

Clayton Kekneck

$1,480.00 CAD

Inuit art: Transformation
Inuit Artist: Clayton Keknek
Size: 8" long, 5" high, 3" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU
Stone: Stone medium
id: c-001

Clayton Keknek’s choice of dramatic black, grey and copper stone for this transformationnel piece is genius. He has carved black stripes into the stone mimicking the stripes of a snake or a reptile.

Transformation pieces can be complex and sometimes confusing. There is a head, some flippers and perhaps some arms. But in all this muddle, is a charming primitive creature making his way in this world.

The quirkiness factor of this piece is 10 out of 10.

Every collection benefits from a carving that is unconventional and unexpected. This could be that piece for you.

This carving is signed and comes with the Tag of Authenticity.

Clayton Kekneck (born in 1946)

Clayton Kekneck, Gjoa Haven Nunavut (b. 1993) Clayton Kekneck follows in the vein of famed international carver Judas Ulluluq also of Gjoa Haven. Kekneck’s creative soapstone carvings of transformational pieces broaden the imagination of their admirers.

Beautifully carved his pieces help define the iconic Gjoa Haven style which is known for its playful characters carved out of dark soapstone. Clayton Kekneck is collected by enthusiasts across Canada and by cruise passengers visiting the community from all over the globe.

Kekneck’s creative pieces are imaginative and stand to be a significant pieces of Gjoa of Gjoa Haven’s artisan history.



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