VINTAGE 6" Eskimo by Bill Anatalook *Funky Man*

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Bill Anatalook

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Inuit art: Eskimo
Inuit Artist: Bill Anatalook (1931-1987) RCA
Size: 6" high, 3" wide, 2" deep
Community: Bake Lake NU 5/24
Stone: Basalite
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Masterpiece Sculpture!  Magnificent Vintage Carving!

Funky Man stands stoically with his hands withdrawn into the sleeves of his parka.

His hood is up and to prevent the cold seeping down his neck.

His parka is exceptionally long to doubly cover his legs.

His boots are thick and tall.

Bill Antalook tells the story of a man threatened by one of the earth's most hostile environment, the Canadian Arctic.

And yet, this single Inuk is the soul of all the Inuit who have survived and flourished in the face of seemingly impossible odds.

This heartwarming Inuk will remind you everyday that anything is possible.


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