VINTAGE 5" Eskimo by Joe Aljuiat *Strolling*

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Joe Aljuiat

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Inuit Art: Eskimo
Inuit Artist: Joe Aljuiat
Size: 5" tall, 2.5" wide
Community: Arviat, NU 10/23
Stone: Basilite
id: L-8879

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Masterpiece Carving! Older Vintage Style!

First generation Inuit artists play am important role in Inuit history.
These artists were the last Inuit who lived a traditional lifestyle.
They lived in igloos in winter and tents made of skins in the summer.
Hunting and fishing provided the food and clothing they needed.
Jimmy Iqaluq is one of our senior Master Carvers.
He is a fine example of an Inuit who lived a traditional life.
He told me that he lived in an igloo until he was 14 years old.

Strolling is typical of the Vintage style.

More than not, the carving is more suggested and not realistic.

The viewer has the chance to "see" the carving through their own eyes.

Strolling (to me) is doing just that, strolling on a cool Arctic days, one arm forward, one arm back.

His hood is up to conserve heat.

His size is ample, 

I am intrigued by this sculpture.

Its simple style has a sophistication that one would not expect.


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