Sedna (muskox horn) by Ruben Komangapik

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Ruben Komangapik

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Inuit art: Sedna    
Inuit Artist: Ruben Anton Komangapik
Size: over 9.5" long, 3" wide, 5­­­­" tall
Community: Inuvik, NWT
Medium: Muskox bone

Ruben Anton Komangapik is one of the Arctic's most gifted sculptors. His work has been exhibited across Canada with pieces on permanent loan to the Museum of Nature and Culture in Montreal. 

This is a SEDNA with a sewing machine and a rifle. It symbolizes the transition from traditional to modern way of life for the Inuit. Ruben has immersed himself in the elite stratosphere of master carvers by pushing the envelope and creating sculptures that are not only beautiful and original, but also tell a story.

Ruben told me the story behind this Sedna: the Mermaid Sedna needed to resurface from the Arctic sea to breathe some air. However, a storm came and she was in danger. Some Inuit fisherman happened to be there, and helped to save her. She was so grateful that in return she gave them modern-day tools that would help them to better survive the harsh lands. She gave the Inuit man a rifle for hunting. To the Inuit woman she gave a sewing machine to make clothes and blankets. Because of this story, the Inuit people have had a spiritual relationship with the Sedna ever since.

I was fascinated by this legend and story. The carving depicts it so wonderfully - it is a masterpiece. This Sedna itself was the main feature of the Great North Inuit Art festival in Inuvik, July 2012. Here is a link that shows this wonderful Sedna as the main attraction.

Inuvik Inuit Art Festival - Sedna by special guest, Ruben Komangapik

Signed by the artist and measures measures 9.5" long, 5" high, 3" wide

It is made out of muskox horn and sterling silver. This Inuit sculpture comes with a FREE book about the artist "Isuma: The Art and Imagination of Ruben Komangapik".

This stunning Inuit carving comes with an Igloo Tag (Certified of Authenticity). The carving is completely perfect, brand new! 

We buy directly from the artist and can offer you better deals. 

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