11" Kayak by Josie Ohaytook

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Josie Ohaytook

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Inuit art: Kayak
Inuit Artist: Josie Ohaytook
Size: over 11" long, 2.5" high, 8.5" wide (wooden paddles)
Community: Sanikiluaq, NU
Stone: Argilite

This is a nice composition of two Inuit hunters in a Kayak. It is made from jet black shiny argillite stone from Sanikiluaq. Kayak pieces are very in-demand compositions by Inuit art collectors. Before the Inuit came into contact with snow machines, their main methods of transportation were dog sleds and kayaks. This gave them the opportunity to hunt and fish and follow the animal migration patterns. The Inuit were very skilled Kayakers. They would insulate their Kayaks with seal skin. This acted as an incredible sealant that allowed the kayak to be dry and waterproof inside.

This beautiful Kayak measures 11"  long, 2.5" high, and 8.5" wide (paddles included).  The kayak is made from two different materials which blend very nicely together. The carving is from black argillite stone. The paddles are made from wood. Having this combination really makes the carving stand out. There is also beautiful detail in the Inuit faces. You will also notice three animals which were hunted. The goose and seal are very nicely detailed and add depth to the piece. 

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