Tiny Seal on an Ivory Spoon by Lucassie Nakoolak "A Friend for Tea"

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Lucassie Nakoolak

$660.00 CAD

Inuit art: Tiny seal sitting on an Ivory Spoon
Inuit Artist:  Lucassie Nakoolak
Size: 4" long, 3" wide
Community: Coral Harbour, NU 1/22
Material: Ivory & Serpentine 

*** U.S. buyers cannot purchase this piece because ivory is restricted by Canadian Government Customs. We ship only to a Canadian address.

I was immediately taken with this very unusual carving. 

Have you ever seen a tiny seal sitting in the bowl of an ivory spoon?

I would say that Nakoolak is showing off his carving skills with this tiny scene.

The ivory spoon rests on a gorgeous dark green stone.  The contrast between the ivory and the green creates elegance.

Do you know anyone who collects spoons?  This would be the perfect addition to their collection.


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