9" Face by Buddy Nutik Alikamik *Gentle Man*

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Buddy Nutik Alikamik

$1,375.00 CAD

Inuit art: Face
Inuit Artist: Buddy Nutik Alikamik
Size: Each Face is 9" Long, 8" Tall, 4" deep
Community: Holman, NWT 10/20
Material: musk ox horn
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Muskox horn is a medium often used by Inuit carvers.

It intrigues me because the markings are so essential in designing the piece.

For example.  

How did Alikamik design the mouth on this distinguished fellow?

Or is the mouth simply the result of a random cut into the horn?

I love this character. To my eye, he has the appearance of a gentleman who hasn't shaved in a few weeks.

Maybe like so many men like to do, he is experimenting with his facial hair which translates into he's tired of shaving!

I have to say that Buddy's muskox design is unconventional.

Imagine having this bohemian sculpture with you every day.

What message is he sending  you?

Could it be "march to the beat of your own drum"?


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