7" Standing Bear by Luke Kolola *Modern Style, Electric Colour*

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Luke Kolola

$1,440.00 CAD

Inuit Art: Bear 
Artist: Luke Kolola
Dimensions: 7" high, 6" wide, 3" wide
Community: Kimmirut, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: caps-836021697fejy

Kolola’s  neon green and yellow bear stole my heart.


Well, because this is NOT your average soft and endearing bear. Which I do love, but sometimes the unexpected is just what you want.

How can you ignore the colour of this stone?

It's neon green or lime green.  This is VERY green. 

THEN, the darker green and pale yellow islands of colour accent the muzzle, the tummy and parts of the leg.

It is as if the artist highlighted these areas for emphasis but REMEMBER.... this colour pattern is completely random!!!! Isn't that amazing?!!

And if you take a second look, do you think the yellow pattern on the abdomen looks like a child's teddy bear OR dare I say, a baby? Could this be a female bear that is in the motherly way?

I also love the modern, somewhat abstract style of the piece. 

Some of the features of the bear are realistic but then there are others that are abstract like the short squat torso and the impossible angles of the arms and legs.

This bear sculpture is dynamic. Its modern and upscale.

(It may be pregnant!)

Wouldn't this be a one of a kind gift for a pregnant friend? You could not find a more unique present?

But if you don't really buy the "in the family way" suggestion, this would be a spectacular present for the art connoisseur in you life.


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