Bear & Ptarmigan by Allan Sheutiapik *Heart Strings*

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Allan Sheutsiapik

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Inuit art: Bear and Ptarmigan 
Inuit Artist: Allan Sheutiapik
Size: Bear - 4" wide, 1" deep, 1" high; Ptarmigan 1.5" high
Community: Iqaluit, NU 22
Stone: Serpentinite 
id: 2289C50

I was immediately smitten by these small animal "friends".

I particularly love the unexpected unions such as this regal Ptarmigan (the official bird of Nunavut) this lumbering bear cub.

Neither seems to recognize that perhaps their attraction should be as adversaries and not as friends.

It reminds me that sometimes we react by convention and not from our hearts.


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