12" Black Fish by Elijah Kavik *Beta*

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Elijah Kavik

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Inuit art: Fish
Artist: Elijah Kavik
Size: ­­­12" long, 7" high, 2" wide
Community: Sanikiluaq, NU 3/23
Stone: Argillite 
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Magnificent Movement!

Beta's personna is that of a fierce black Warrior.

His dorsal fin is his Crown but also his signal to his enemies that he is unbeatable and strong.  

He will not be defeated!

Kavik is a magician.

You can see and feel that Beta is flying through the water at top speed. 

His mouth is wide open as the water passes through and out his gills.

His eyes are wide and protruding as the water forces them open.

I can't recall seeing a sculpture that is so animated and energized.

And, finally, Beta's colour is ALMOST pure black.  

Look closely though. Do you see the faint dark gray horizontal lines that cross his body from back to front? 

Perhaps this is the water streaming rapidly against his body?

Beta is a particularly amazing and stunning carving!


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