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Guy Uniuqsaraq

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Inuit art: Ivory Bear Family
Inuit Artist: Guy Uniuqsaraq
Size: 4" wide, 3" deep, 1" high
Community: Iqaluit, NU
Stone: Ivory
id: b-26783cjjy

*Canadian restrictions on Ivory means we can only ship to a Canadian address* 

Miniatures in any form, are universally appealing.

There are many theories about why this is the case. It may be as simple as it takes us back to our childhood when life was (for many) innocent and happy.

Prior to the building of small airports, miniature ivory carvings were the norm in remote areas of the Arctic (eg. Gjoa Haven region). Access was almost impossible because the year round packed ice prevented ships from bringing goods in and out of these regions.

Miniature ivory pieces could be more easily exported by mail delivered overland by dog teams and ivory was easily harvested from deceased creatures.

Now when I see these tiny sculptures I appreciate the history that lead to their creation of some of these miniatures.

I always marvel that great miniatures are as perfectly carved as the large sculptures.  In fact, if you didn't know the dimensions of this piece, you wouldn't know it was a miniature!

This vignette reveals a brief moment in the life of a Polar bear family. These tiny bears are endearing and evoke several emotional responses. 

Are the bears stranded on this ice flow because the little cub is too tired to swim or are they simply enjoying the day?
This precious miniature piece would be a cherished gift to an adult AND a child.

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