12" Camping Scene Peter K.

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Peter K.

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Inuit art: Camping Scene
Inuit Artist: Peter K.
Size: 12" across, 9" deep, 5.5" tall
Community: Yellowknife, NU
Material: musk ox horn
id: d-9988abjjy

 Peter K's perfectly executed scenes depicting Inuit life, take your breath away. There are so many meticulously and lovingly carved components to this scenario, that it  takes some time to appreciate all the details and the complexity of this sculpture.

The nuances of the Inuk fisherman smoking his tobacco in his pipe is timeless. This portrayal captures the habits of today's Inuit as they follow the traditions of their elders. 

The stone is so unique. It is one of the most endearing camping scenes we have seen in a long time.

Although it is reminiscent of the great camping scenes of Master carver Jimmy Iqaluks, Peter K has his own captivating style which has become very popular with my clients.


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