Caribou by Sheokjuk Carriere from Iqaluit

Sheokjuk Carriere

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Inuit art: Caribou
Inuit Artist:  Sheokjuk Carriere
Size: 4.25" long, 4" tall, 2" wide
Community: Iqaluit, NU
Stone: Serpentine

This is a gorgeous caribou carving by Sheokjuk Carriere from Iqaluit, Nunavut. The tone of the rock is very smooth and well polished. I always liked caribou carvings because the light colored bone antlers make a great contrast to the dark stone. This makes the carving really stand out. This piece is no exception. The proportions and shape are all perfect. It is a beautiful carving and has a harmonious feel to it.

This beautiful caribou measures 4.25" long, 4" tall, and 2" wide. It comes with an Igloo Tag (Certified of Authenticity). The carving is completely perfect!  We buy directly from the artist and can offer you better deals.

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