9" Ulu on Caribou Bone by Danny Okpik

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Danny Okpik

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Inuit art: Ulu on Caribou Bone
Inuit Artist: Danny Okpik
Size: 9" across, 6" tall, 5" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU
Material: Steel & Caribou Bone
id: c-027


Here is another extraordinary sculpture that is somewhat of a rarity. Very seldom have we seen an Ulu presented as a piece of exquisite art.

The question needs to be asked .... why not? 

Ulus are a very common household tool which are used by the Inuk women to clean fish and cut meat and seal blubber. Essentially the Ulu is kin to our butcher knife.

This is an ancient tool that has been in the Thule bloodline since the beginning of time. Historically, this blade has meant the difference between life and death In the austere environment of the Arctic.

The caribou bone is polished into a refined glossy polish that is cool and silky to the touch. The blade is a new glimmering stainless steel.

The contrast between the delicate sheen of the caribou bone and the aura of strength of the metal blade conjures a mesmerizing art piece that will garner the attention of your audience.

THIS is a wild card piece for your collection!

Or an extraordinary gift for an extraordinary friend.



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