9" Sedna with Snow Goggles by Pits Kilabuk *Shades*

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Pits Kilabuk

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Inuit art: Sedna with Snow Goggles
Inuit Artist: Pits Kilabuk
Size: 9" long, 6.5" wide, 6" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 19
Stone: Serpentine, Sinew & Mixed media
id: ndc-194-268510fjjy





The studio has never before seen a piece like this! A Sedna sporting a pair of snow goggles!

The subject matter is brilliant.

Kilabuk has placed a utilitarian pair of goggles on a traditional Sedna carving which immediately transports it into the realm of modern art.

This Masterpiece is so incredibly unique!!! Few collectors will ever own such a venerable spirit of the North.

Look at the facial expression of Sedna has he looks up directly into the sun with the goggles protecting his eyes. Look at the width of his grin as he basks in the Arctic sun.

This unusual sculpture brings to mind Jamesie Pitseolak’s famous motorcycle.

When it graced the cover of the Inuit Art Quarterly’s Spring 2017 edition, collectors fell in love. Pitseolak’s utilitarian and industrial approach to his motorcycle.

He jolted 21st century Inuit art into the dimensions of  Andy Warhol.

This had never been seen before.

Pitseolak has pioneered a new generation of Inuit carvers. Artists like Kilabuk and Salmonie Toonoo use Western influences to transform everyday essentials of Inuit life.

The resulting carvings are fascinating and revolutionary.

As I gaze at Kilabuk’s sculpture, I begin to wonder if Sedna is wearing a hoodie?



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