9" Seal Pup by Maudie Ohiktook *Not Your Average Seal Pup*

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Maudie Ohiktook

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 Inuit Art: Seal Pup
Artist: Maudie Ohiktook
Dimensions: 9" across, 8" high, 5" wide
Community: Taloyoak, NU 21
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-69-191378afhjy 

Maudie's fascinating seal has stolen my curator's heart.

Can you begin to imagine how many Inuit carvings I have had the honour of seeing?

Can you understand that I am always looking for THE carving?  The one that will be the most amazing piece that I will ever see in my lifetime? 

So believe me when I say, when I saw this piece, I was well.....gobsmacked!

Now this is an exceptional piece. 

I realized after studying it for a time,  that this seal is mainly a "bust" or a "head and shoulders" sculpture.  

I have never seen such a representation of a seal in Inuit carving.

The protruding two front teeth are a curious feature. 

Suddenly, the seal starts to morph into a seal "vampire".  The red eyes complete the effect.  

The stone is a brilliant dark rich colour that is almost fluorescent.  Gorgeous.

THIS is innovation. THIS is inspiration.  THIS is incredible art.

The Arctic seal (usually a Harp seal) is one of the most popular subjects in Inuit carving.  Pea Michael's Innocence on Ice is a beautiful realistic carving of a traditional seal on an ice floe.

This is NOT your average seal carving. 

What a special gift this piece would be especially to the “art connoisseur “ in your life.


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