9" Proud Inukshuk by Paul Bruneau

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Paul Bruneau

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Art: Inukshuk
Artist: Paul Bruneau
Size: 9" tall, 8.5" wide, 3" deep
Community: Timmins, ON
Stone: Serpentine
id: d-66852fjjy

Paul Bruneau is a Ojibway native and a member of the Mattagami First Nations Reserve.

Paul Bruneau.

Paul Bruneau. An extraordinary carver. His art can be wild and alien but his figures are still familiar and soothing.

You want at least one of Paul’s sculptures in your life. It will stand on your coffee table, where you can see it every day and be astounded by its presence.

No one masters the combinations of colour like Paul.

The exquisite jewelled colours of the stone elevate a “simple” carving to a complex, sophisticated art piece.

Without a doubt, I could see any of Bruneau’s inukshuks dominating the table at a diplomatic or governmental dinner.

Or the retirement gift to a Supreme Court judge.

My point is that exquisite art appeals to everyone and exquisite art does not have to be unaffordable.

Bruneau’s inukshuks are treasures.

Happy, proud, joyous, and commanding!

See Paul’s white carrera marble inukshuks in All Carvings. These carvings are very avant garde and the perfect piece for those who love the modern aesthetic. Can you see one of these sauve pieces standing on your kitchen island? Amazing!

You will have years of joy owning a Bruneau inukshuk.

Or if you gift one of these unique beauties, you will be always be remembered for your generosity and style.


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