9" Majestic Polar Bear Bill Nasogaluak

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Bill Nasogaluak

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Inuit art: Scenting Bear 
Inuit Artist: Bill Nasogaluak
Size: 9" long, 4" high, 3" wide 
Community: Tuktoyaktuk, NWT
Stone: Alabaster
id: tc-tri251gbjy


Bill Nasogaluak was Walker's (Auction House) featured artist for their annual Inuit art auction that was held in November 2017.

This is a gorgeous Nasogaluak bear carved in an exquisite and unique Alabaster stone.

The chic charcoal white finish gives this piece a luminescent glow. Nasogaluak’s bears are always striding with purpose perhaps in search of food. His details and proportions are perfect. Nasogaluak’s bears tend to be sleek and well muscled.

This carving is signed on the bottom by Nasogaluak.


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