9" Inukshuk Paul Bruneau

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Paul Bruneau

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Art: Inukshuk
Artist: Paul Bruneau
Size: 9" tall, 8.5" wide, 3" deep
Community: Timmins, ON
Stone: Serpentine
id: d-66793fjjy

Paul Bruneau is an Ojibway native and a member of the Mattagami First Nations Reserve.

The wild alien character and cosmopolitan style of this gorgeous Inukshuk is indicative of  Paul's elite craftsmanship. His Inukshuks are the most eclectic I have ever seen in the world of Inuit art. 

This particular Inukshuk is a sublime combination of olive and gold and bronze stone.  Every one of Paul's sculptures is an undisputed winner. 

The animation of Paul's Inukshuks is what really makes them stand out from all other Inukshuks. 


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