8" Walking Bear by Ulami Tunillie *Camo*

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Ulami Tunillie

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Inuit art: Walking Bear    
Artist: Ulami Tunillie
Size: ­­­­8" long, 3" high, 3" wide
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 2/22
Stone: Serpentine 
id: jl-14722dhjy

Tunillie's carving style leans to the abstract with this simple Walking bear.

The abstract style allows the artist to "suggest" rather than depict the features of the carving.

The viewer has the opportunity to interpret the piece whereas the realistic style of carving presents the exact and real features.  Like a photograph.

You can appreciate Camo's power, ferocity and his brave heart.

Personally, I love the simplicity of this Walking bear and I am very drawn to the colour of the stone.  

The pale green colour is interrupted with islands of an olive colour which resembles a camoflage pattern.

This is an unusual pattern of colour and adds to the intriguing magnetism of this carving. 


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