8" Dancing Bear by Adamie Mathewsie *Purity Revisited*

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Adamie Mathewsie

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear    
Inuit Artist: Adamie Mathewsie
Size: 6.5" tall, 3" wide, 2.5" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 21
Stone: Serpentine
id: jl-18854ehjy

Adamie Mathewsie has an extreme talent for carving watermark Dancing bears.

If you are looking for a small and enchanting dancing bear, your search has ended.

Dancing on his left foot, left  paw held high, head extended backward so the nose is pointed at heaven .....  this is the poster child for the perfect dancing bear.

I love the fine golden brown veins that gently flow over the  head and neck of Purity.

This bear is Mathewsie's signature piece. 

This is a sculpture for which Mathewsie is well known.  He excels at carving the Dancing bear and recreating over and over but each time, the bear has its own personality and essence.

Mathewsie tells the story of the dancing bear simply and well. 

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