8" Sitting Owl by Kupapik Ningeocheak *Chocolate Dream*

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Kupapik Ningeocheak

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Inuit art: Owl
Inuit Artist: Kupapik Ningeocheak
Size: 7" Across (Beak to Tail),  6" Horizontal, 4" High, 4" deep, 5 lbs
Community: Coral Harbour, NU 20
Stone: Serpentine
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Throughout history, and across cultures few creatures have so many different and contradictory beliefs about them.

Owls have been both feared and venerated, despised and admired and considered both wise and foolish.

But how can you gaze upon this Ningeocheak raptor and not see his sweet countenance?

His colour is like a Christmas chocolate, rich and soft and so enticing.

I love the more caramel colour on the top of his head which makes it seem like a sunbeam has decided to shine only on our winsome carving. 

A permanent spotlight.

Did you notice Owl's "sitting" position? 

Kupapik has Owl resting on his tail feathers and his short legs. 

To me, this posture is innocent and childlike, like a young puppy being trained to "sit". Eager to please by sitting, but ready to jump up at any moment and chase its tail.

This posture is dynamic.  Can you feel the energy as the owl anticipates spreading its wings, lifting off from its perch and flying away?

I am completely beguiled by this engaging owl. His joy is infectious.

Ningeocheak's owls are his signature pieces. 

Each of his owls have a distinct personality and often a very distinct look.

He loves to explore all the beliefs we have about the owl.

Wisdom is the quintessential intelligent and sophisticated Owl. Jet black, stoic and a classic raptor from beak to tail.

Inquisitive is less a predator and much more a cheerful owl ready to be a friend and confidante. 

And Tiktak is Ningeocheak at his avant garde best!

Tiktak is inspired by the internationally acclaimed Inuit carver John Tiktak whose organic style and hollow openings in his carvings have lead to him being compared to the minimalist sculptor Henry Moore, 

As carvers evolve in their "trade", you hope that they will take risks and go "outside the box".  

Tiktak is the result of Ningeocheak's growth and evolution as a great sculptor.


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