8" Diving Bear by Tim Pee *Sheer Determinaton*

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Tim Pee

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Inuit art: Diving Bear
Inuit Artist: Tim (Timothy) Pee
Size: 8" high, 4" wide, 5" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 20
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-7104Nadjjy

Masterpiece Sculpture!  Magnificent Movement!

Just as the name 'Nuna Parr' is synonymous with  exquisite dancing bears, Tim Pee's name is permanently linked with bears that are sleek and striding.

This Diving bear is a true masterpiece.

How is Pee able to balance all the weight of this carving on one small front paw?!

Each time I see a Diving bear, I am awestruck by its complicated engineering ,and the skill of the carver who accomplished this feat. 

I am never complacent when faced with such magnificence.

When I look upon a Diving bear, I know that this sculpture exists only because the artist is a skilled genius who is fuelled by dogged determination!

Diving bears make me feel humble and appreciative of the artists capable of producing these stunning and awe inspiring sculptures!

The deep green and black stone of Tim's diving bear is polished and polished until it reflects the light like a mirror. The gleam showcases every gorgeous line of this beautiful bear.

Tim carves using a higher standard.  His bears are refined and always elegant. 

They have a gracefulness that is pervasive. 

Every one of his bears, whether it be Dancing, Diving, Striding or Walking are endowed with a positive "attitude" and a peaceful look.

Every collector deserves at least one of Tim's bears in their collection. 

This Diving bear is an incredible piece of art.

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