8" Bronze / Grey Iconic Masterpiece Muskox by Lucassie Ikkidluaq

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Lucassie Ikkidluak

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Inuit Art: Muskox
Artist: Lukassie Ikkidluaq (Ikkidluak)
Dimensions:  8" long, 6" high, 4" wide. Weight: 8lbs
Community: Iqaluit, NU 
id: b-3982gbjjy

I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. After three years, Lucassie (Ikkidluak) has finally come out of his “retirement”.

He has carved three of the nicest muskoxen I have ever seen. Every description you can imagine applies to them: majestic, exquisite, spectacular.

Lucassie’s muskoxen cannot be beaten. They are treasured and cherished.

But, sadly, they have become extremely rare.

On the positive side, these sculptures have also become increasingly valuable. Five years ago, the market value for Lucassie’s muskoxen were one third the price of what they are today.

Five years from now, the market value will again double or triple. Translation: a piece that was $5000 five years ago is worth $15,000 today AND in another five years could be worth $30,000-45,000.

This is the world of prestigious art. And it is my honour and luck that Lucassie has chosen only my gallery to receive these three large beauties.

In my opinion, Lucassie is unlikely to carve these large pieces in the future.

This is one of two smaller 7-9” muskoxen which I am also likely to receive.

They are exquisite smaller versions of his larger sculptures. Lucassie’s muskoxen will be the crown jewels in your collection.


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