8" Walking Bear Cub by Ottokie Ashoona *Sandy*

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Ottokie Ashoona

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Inuit art: Walking Bear
Inuit Artist: Ottokie Ashoona
Size: 8" long, 4" tall, 3" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 4/22
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-8525Lejjy

First and foremost, I love Walking bears.

And, I am especially smitten when they are carved from beautifully coloured and patterned stone like Sandy.

Everything about this young Walking bear is perfect.

There are no defects in the stone, the stone is a gorgeous mottled green and yellow colour and the finish is silky smooth.  It feels cool to the touch.

Finally, Sandy's proportions are exactly correct.

Every muscle in this precious bear stands out. Someday, he will be a strong, muscular adult bear walking the Arctic as if he owns it.

When I saw this piece, I didn't hesitate to buy it.

Sandy is that beautiful and heart rendering. 

There are a few clients I already know who are going to love and want this Ashoona bear cub.


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