8" Dancing Bear by Johnny Manning *Sherman*

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Johnny Manning

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist: Johnny Manning
Size: 8" tall, 5" wide, 3" deep
Community: Cape Dorset, NU 9/22
Stone: Serpentine
id: b-29860ibjy 

Magnificent Movement!

Sherman will immediately warm your heart.

I love the athleticism of Dancing bears. 

They balance on one foot or one paw and point their noses to the sky.

These are poses that require strength and persistence.

How does Sherman keep both arms high up in the air?

Johnny is admired for his depiction of the bear in its natural state.

This means that Johnny's bears look like real bears..

In particular, his bear faces are some of the most outstanding in the industry.

Sherman is exquisite.

His lush colour is black magic.


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