7" Wolf by Ross Kayotak *Lupine*

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Ross Kayotak

$1,440.00 CAD

Inuit art: Wolf
Inuit Artist: Ross Kayotak
Size: 6" tall, 6" wide, 5" deep
Community: Igloolik, NU 4/23
Stone: Mixed Media Whalebone
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U.S. buyers cannot purchase this piece due to whalebone restrictions from Canadian Government Customs.  We ship only to Canadian addresses.

Nothing says modern Inuit design like the mixed media carvings.

Mixed media simply means several different types of substrate is used to create these carvings.

Lupine's "skeleton" is whalebone; he has real hair fur on the top of his head and his eyes are caribou antler.

Of course, the Inuit artists used mixed media in the more vintage pieces (eg. antler for teeth, horse hair for hair) but Lupine multimedia look is fresh and animated.

Viewed from some angles, he is friendly and a bit cartoonish but when you see him straight from the front, he takes on the demeanour of the "big bad wolf" of fairy tale fame.

Lupine is a special piece that will have everyone talking!


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